Friday, January 10, 2014

The Elsinores, Dreams of Youth

Not encased in feedback but instead a warm reverb, Lexington's The Elsinores return with Dreams of Youth, a follow-up to the excellent split-cassette EP with J Marinelli in 2012. This is a pounding outpouring that relies on punk and lo-fi garage as its root, but eschews both the straight angers of hardcore and the burnt ghosts of pop-punk, instead bounding forward with a cocoon of tight bass, drums and guitar into furthered realms of bobbing rock-n-roll.

These are advanced studies in the curriculum lauded forth by the likes of The Wipers. A wistfulness permeates these tunes often; a furrowed brow of the voice that hearkens to a lost-in-thought nearly early-80s delivery, gazing not at shoes but out a dirty wintry window towards something else. Thoughts on the mind. Joy Division cassettes have fallen under the table. Came a sound, a sound like the roll of fetching thick riffs regulated unto the company of addictive punk-hazes, and that sound was swathed in concise poetics about youth, dreams, night, and time. Hail The Elsinores for tightening the Rod so early in the year.

Available through Dead Tank Records.