Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chapter Thirteen: "LOUD and Blue: Tropical Trash and the Coconut Crimewave Big Band. The Fuckmunkys. Cross. Arcane Rifles. Alcohol Party. The Teeth."

A semi-roundup purge of local/regional music I've witnessed in the last couple of weeks...

Tropical Trash and the Coconut Crimewave Big Band at Derby City Espresso on September 23:

Born out of the Louisville noisy rock trio Tropical Trash, the Big Band idea formed sometime around the point the group was asked to play the Experimental Fest here in town.

Both the guitarists, Jim and Kirk, are also members of the band Sapat, and for this Experimental Fest appearance, they borrowed several Sapat musicians to more than double the Tropical Trash size, creating the Coconut Crimewave faction and definitely becoming a Big loud Band.

From L to R: Jordan, Ginger and Jim.

Before the set started, I stood outside talking to Kirk about our theories on napping. I don't have a picture of that exchange, but here's a semi-unfocused photo of him during the show (below):

One of the highlights was hearing the dual percussion by Tropical Trash's drummer Jordan:

...and Sapat's drummer Jeff:

Both played full drum sets; both were blurs in almost all my photos. Tropical Trash's latest recording is a downloadable EP called  "Acts of Reversal." The Coconut Crimewave Big Band are soon to release a new split-cassette with No Copper.
Neil on synths; Warren on bass. 

I don't have any sounds or footage from this show, but here's a nice grainy sample of Tropical Trash performing at Lisa's Oak Street Lounge in November 2010:

The Fuckmunkys at Third Street Dive on September 23:

I've seen the Fuckmunkys play almost 9,000 shows in my lifetime, and always have a good time.

Full disclosure: the band includes my brother, Derrick Wade Manley, on guitar and vocals. That's him with the white wig. The Fuckmunkys have been playing Louisville bars for close to a decade. They perform what I call Blue Music. Note, not Blues Music, but Blue, as in "blue humor." I always watch the crowd to see who gets offended first. It's funny, but it's dirty. It's also catchy and fun and well-written.

Also on vocals is stand-up comedian, Mike Chandler (above). The band currently has a CD available,"The World's Greatest American Bar Room Rock 'n' Roll Band: Volume One." A live recording is also available, and word is a new studio album is in the works.

Shawn has been the bassist with the band since the beginning. Steve has been the guitarist for a few years and Nick is the newest member on drums.

They have some songs up for sample here,  and here's a cartoon for their song "The Ballad of Eddie,"  explaining the origins of their name:

Cross and Arcane Rifles at The Green Lantern in Lexington, September 29:

This was my first time seeing Cross and they were great. They were added to the bill of this show at the last minute and really brought some beautiful loudness to the show.

L to R: MA Turner on guitar; R Clint Coburn on vox.

Clint's vocals had a spacey condition over the band's crunchy violent sound. Great stuff. Here's a video from the the Green Lantern, although a different show:

Cross and Arcane Rifles will be playing at the Cropped Out Festival in Louisville on Saturday, November 12.

Arcane Rifles closed the show out that night.

Ben on guitar and vocals, blurring and collapsing.
Arcane Rifles definitely get my vote for the seven-inch of the year with their "Green Eye Will Save You" EP. I would say it's just amazing guitar-driven almightiness, with Ben slamming his instrument into the ground, but James' drums and Phil's bass are as loud, up front and in the mix as everything. Perfect rock n roll. Everything works so well.


Before the show, Ben said in casual conversation, "Well, we get kinda loud." Yeah, they do. My ears were ringing for three days. A great show between them and Cross.

More loud blurring with Ben and Phil.
Besides the vinyl EP, Arcane Rifles also has two digital downloads available: "Loner Soul" and "Live on WRFL."

Here's the video for "Loner Soul":

Alcohol Party and The Teeth at the Chestnut House on October 7:

First off, this was my first visit to the acclaimed Chestnut, and I'll definitely be back. I love the existence of houses that host independent music shows. The link above leads to their schedule. Alcohol Party were the second band of the night (I missed the first).

This is Jeff's second appearance in my assortment of shows here.
Jeff, who also plays with Sapat and Tropical Trash and the Coconut Crimewave Big Band, brings everything loud and heavy he can to this band.

The whole band, especially in that room, don't back down from volume. I eventually borrowed cigarette butts from Brad of The Teeth to stuff in my ears. I blame my weak ears on Biohazard in 1995. Or maybe that's what I blame my bad back on.

Zac screaming and guitaring.
Alcohol Party have some demos up to check out here.

Mat bassing.

The Teeth were up next.

The Teeth have been one of my favorite Louisville bands for awhile. Punk rock, hardcore, post-punk. Whatever, its great intelligent fast tunes that sometimes delve even into what I hear as dirty surf even when Matt and Brad start to swing on guitar and bass, respectively.

They have two releases on Noise Pollution Records: the seven inch "Clatter and Jive" and the full-length CD "In Minutes."

Word has it they are beginning work on a new full-length this week. They played my new favorite song by them that night: "Woody Allen Stole My Baby."

Here's a little live sample from a different show:

Music is fun.

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