Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter Thirty: "Preview: Ancient Warfare. She Might Bite."

Ancient Warfare; photo by Natalie Baxter

 I've just recently been made aware of Ancient Warfare, a four-piece coming from 90 minutes down the road out of Lexington. The origins of the band dig further South, however, being started as a duo in Savannah, Georgia, by Kentucky natives Echo Wilcox and Azniv Korkejian in 2009. Wilcox has since taken the idea of the project, jettisoned back to the Kentucky homeland, and began playing with members and sounds, until the band developed into its current incarnation. Emily Hagihara, who I've known as a vocalist for her own solo projects and as bassist for Chico Fellini, takes the drums here. Also present is Eric Smith, former guitarist for The Apparitions, and violinist Rachael Yanarella.

Echo Wilcox; photo by Natalie Baxter
 Ancient Warfare's bandcamp page contains two demo recordings of songs that will be present on the band's upcoming debut, which is being recorded by Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Productions for Alias Records. The point these tracks radiate around seems to have a gelatinous base in a fuzzed-out psychedelia, heavy in the melody and led by Wilcox's rich vocals. She sings in a lowered pitch, matching the subdued tone of the guitars. The songs tangle and sway in darker, introspective sounds. The chorus for "Winter Times" is especially pleasant, finding a polarized upbeat cargo from the verses that allows a great contrast for the tune overall. Information on Ancient Warfare mentions beads being drawn from singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan, an influence I can definitely hear.

Ancient Warfare will be making their Louisville debut with She Might Bite, the all-female trio that has recently returned to live gigs here after a a hiatus of a month or two. She Might Bite has become known for their blend of percussive music that hovers somewhere in the cross-examination of punk-surf-garage rock poetry. The songs are catchy but not predictable, and the harmonies among all three members create some crazy original music. With the retirement of Courtney Kimes from the band, bassist-vocalist Miranda Cason (formerly of Venus Trap) makes for a perfect addition to this new version. The vocal melodies that travel between Cason's bass, Kathryn Slaughter's drums, and Tara Kimes' twang-guitar make for a highly entertaining show. The band is gearing up for the release of its new full-length, "Feral." For a sample of some their songs, check out their bandcamp.

She Might Bite

Tara Kimes
 Ancient Warfare and She Might Bite will play at Zanzabar on Thursday, April 5.


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