Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blood Planet, Ducks Never Say "Die"

The birds are coming back. Grass is growing through asphalt cracks. Sidewalks are filled with shitcore again, and it's a beautiful thing. Ducks so mighty, are these.

Everything in-the-redder than everything else.

Plod with Blood Planet into destruction. Distortion remigration into blown speakers, feedback whales, smashed snares. This latest EP shows that this band is not quieting down, but only distorting more. Theirs is a clang for survival, a clawing at sound, ripping it apart, pulling the body through fuckery that is loud, obnoxious and almost sinful.

The bass, or guitar, or whatever it is, on "Wolf the Dentist" sounds like a rusty chainsaw losing its teeth, grinding on a stone boulder, brandished by skinny madman on a tear-bender in the backwoods of Satanland. And while the Sabbathy plod of "Wolf" is as mighty as an Iommi riff, it's micturated for sewer pleasures. "ORION" is just as mighty for its neck-breaking tempo and piercing feedbacks. The vocals sound like they were recorded in mikes in the middle of a battle of fires and shivs.

No question this is one of my favorite bands in Louisville.

Go to the bandcamp. Here's the stream. Throw away your ears.

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