Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guignol, Demo

These songs make me feel like I'm on drugs. In a good, numb, mumbling, incoherent way. And a scary, shaky-legged, paranoid, fear-of-losing-to-insanity-and-never-coming-back way. Maybe it's because I was offered drugs last night, but refused them. Maybe it's because I heard some friends tell scary/funny drug stories the other night. Maybe drugs are on my mind, Maybe this tape makes me feel like drugs. Maybe I want to do them again. Maybe I shouldn't.

We're stuck in the dark here, the silver linings are shorned millilamberts, the only miracle to guide us barely shone a ways back. Now we're just telling ourselves to not kill ourselves with an electronic daily repeated mantra. These songs are delivered as dark rock should be, making my heart beat a little faster, my lids glimmer with lost hopes, shut and turn inward. Everything is black.

Guignol exist in Lexington, and I know nothing of them, other than they have cemeteries in their sightlines. I believe the singer is man I knew in another life and time as Gorgeous George. I'm glad he's making music. Anton is in the Lexington metal band Tombstalker. And this was recorded by Joey Elsinore (of The Elsinores and Salad Influence) at SANTA/Brave Captain HQ.

This is a gothic wave of synth and reverb, words buried in echoes, riffs plucked as post-punk leads that swerve and call. There's a Bauhaus/Love and Rockets creepiness that permeates amongst the sampled screams and cries, even moments of Cure-ishness in "Chemical City." Looking forward to more from this group.

Stream and buy at Guignol's bandcamp.

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