Monday, July 1, 2013

Sapat, "L&N/Payne Hollow Stomp"

From some hidden place and another time, Sapat returns with this seven inch, two songs recorded in 2005. I hear they are completing work on their first full-length in six years. This surprise record acts as a teaser to a behemoth that becomes more and more anticipated. The two songs captured here are good representations of the ever-evolving psych-orchestra, going back in history a bit, as we await what the present incarnation will present.

 "L and N" is a loose flow, instrumentation fingertips in and out of the strands of the song. The percussion betakes a rolling network through the orchestrated environment, amplifying the psychedelic jazz folk that warms it. Wings beat, woodwinds wander, chewing cud, modifying their approach in the semblance of the ambiance. Colors are whole, and the dynamics never cheapen; the cavity deepens, the song thinks some more, then gets mysterious and gone.

Sapat never remains the same. Ever. Side B is "Payne Hollow Stomp," a mid-tempo dance that embraces the folk side of this incarnation, smathered in the psychedelia, embracing front-porch Americana that has been steeped and procured in vials of river water. Hell, is this a "driving song"? I feel like it is. The bob and hustle of it is a good-natured Americana in that it's a stew of genres, all sorts of roots and jazz, pleasantly gnashed through a boiler feed pump.       

This 45 is recommended. And I hope the release of the full-length, an entirely different mustering and noise, does not tarry.

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